School ERP Solution

Our ERP Solutions help in enhancing the productivity of school admin, teachers and staff

  1. Library Module:
    1. Scan books with Mobile App to add to Library
    2. In App Reminders with Late Fee Module
    3. Comprehensive reports
  2. My Marks:
    1. In-App Mark Sheets with provision for SMS linkage
    2. Student Level History and Reports
    3. Design and print customized formats of mark sheets
  3. Examination Module:
    1. Conduct in App MCQ Quiz & Tests
    2. Students can submit answers on the app and receive results in-app
    3. Bulk Upload of Questions, set time limit, negative marking, weightage
  4. Asset Module:
    1. Helps the school in tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries
    2. Complete visibility of stocks
    3. Manage invoicing
  5. Expense Management Module:
    1. Categorize and schedule expenses
    2. Allot budgets and monitor daily expenses
    3. Generate reports and check the trend
  6. Employee Leave Management Module:
    1. Staff can request and approve leaves from the mobile app
    2. Monitor attendance and manage Employee Leaves
    3. Categorize leave types and the number of leaves
  7. Payroll Module:
    1. Generate payslips
    2. Manage Payroll categories
  8. Teacher Logger Module:
    1. Enhance student learning through in-app StudyPlanner
    2. Customize Study plans to student's pace of learning at aChapter level
    3. School can monitor teacher’s activities while they’re teaching and in free periods
  9. Timetable Module:
    1. Manage the class schedule on the app
    2. Assign Teachers when subject teachers are absent
    3. Assign subject teachers with efficient time management
  10. Certificates Module:
    1. Transfer Certificate
    2. Merit Certificate
    3. Configure customised Certificates

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