Helping Kids Learn

We always focus on ways in which families provide opportunities for children to develop learning or cognitive skills. Include information about parents reading to children and helping them with homework. In a survey conducted, parents of 6-7 and 10-11-year-old children were asked how they felt about their ability to help their child in different aspects of school success, specifically about whether they agreed or disagreed that they knew how to help their child to do well in school and help them with difficult homework.

  • The majority of mothers and fathers either agreed or strongly agreed that they were able to help their child do well in school or help with difficult homework;
  • Mothers were somewhat more likely than fathers to strongly agree, rather than agree, in these matters; and
  • Parents (especially mothers) of 6-7-year-old were more likely than parents of 10-11-year-old to strongly agree that they were able to help children with school and homework.

There are certain trends like parents talking and reading to children. Then, children’s developmental needs for learning will vary considerably as they grow and become more independent in the way they acquire new knowledge and skills. The main way in which primary-school-aged children’s learning develops is through their attendance at school. Parental engagement in school can be an important indicator of how confident parents feel about supporting their child’s learning. We have to conclude that learning is more than just achieving.

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