On this auspicious World Cancer Day, let us say YES to life and No to Cancer.

In the pursuit of knowing something from knowing nothing, the world has indeed been on a Topsy-turvy ride. From the motion of planets to the Brownian motion, from playing with pebbles in the real world to playing with the same in the virtual world, from burning to barbecuing, from hides to embroidery, from knowing our neighbor next door to knowing our neighbor country – the earth indeed has stories to tell. The earth would probably be the abode of a Royal King, who loves His people and he loves His people so much that He lets His people cherish each day in some way or the other. One such day is today. Today, the people of the Earth observe World Cancer Day.This day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control(UICC) to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration and to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. This day targets misinformation, raises awareness and reduces stigma Multiple initiatives run on World Cancer Day to show support for those affected by cancer. One of these movements is #NoHairSelfie, a global movement to have “hairticipants” shave their heads either physically or virtually to show a symbol of courage for those undergoing cancer treatment. Images of participants are then shared over social media. Local events also take place. (Source; Wikipedia)But is that the only type of cancer which we need to be aware of? I believe, the answer is a big NO. Cancer that is around us is detectable but cancer that we possess remains undetected. On this day, let us first detect the cancer that is within us and fight it. Let us, together, fight the

  • Cancer that judges a girl when she reaches home late
  • Cancer that kills a child when he/she is in the Mother’s Womb
  • Cancer that looks down on the downtrodden
  • Cancer that judges the needy
  • Cancer that leads to racial discrimination
  • Cancer that takes Bribes
  • Cancer that promotes Dowry
  • Cancer that looks down on the LGBTQ community
  • Cancer that results in Child Marriage or Child Trafficking
  • Cancer that shames the victim and not the perpetrator
  • Cancer that stops us from loving
  • Cancer that leads to Gender Inequality
  • Cancer that separates each other in the name of “RELIGION”
  • Cancer that leads to wars and attacks
  • Cancers named “POVERTY” and “ILLITERACY”
  • Cancer that makes us waste food, water or any resources
  • Cancer of substance abuse
  • Cancer that blinds our eyes and makes us self-centered
  • Cancer that stops us from recognizing the cancer within us

On this World Cancer Day, team VAWSUM encourages each one of us to recognize the Cancer that is within us. It is only when we detect the cancer within us can we justly deal with the disease named ‘Cancer’ around us. Let us together, say Yes to Life and No to all types of Cancer.

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