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As the horizon for digitalization is expanding with every passing day, the world is getting closer and closer. The world has become a global village, where we want everything in the tip of our fingers. We live in a fast-moving world and it becomes difficult at times to take out little time for our own selves. In a world like this, how much time do we have to pay the fees of our child? A question worth asking.Some schools require the fee to be paid once a year, while others require payments every quarter or every month! Then there are different bills for different expense heads – tuition, hostel, laboratory and mess fees and so on and so forth! Imagine the problems one has to face if you fail to take out that little time on the date of paying the fees. Or imagine the hassle that one has to face if she/he wants to go to the school counter, stand in big queues and finally having the chance to pay the fees. Who has so much time? And over that, any delay in paying the fee can be embarrassing for you and your kid.And on the part of management, they also need to hire staff in order to collect the fees and maintain records of them. It creates “loads of hassle” and “increase in costs.”Well, it is time you looked at faster and more convenient methods of making school fee payment from the comfort of your home, without having to stand in long school queues.Many schools have already come up with the idea to get rid of the old conventional way of paying fees by accepting fees on the online platform, VAWSUM ( an app, whose performance is Very AWeSOMe VAWSUM brings THE one stop solution to all your problems

  • With VAWSUM, you can now pay the fees in a much easier way, at your own convenience. One can easily take up the ease of paying the fee online through Debit cards, credit cards, Net Banking, E-wallets etc.
  • With VAWSUM, you don’t need to waste your priceless time by standing in long queues for hours after hours. Just pay fees online instantly and relax. Save time and relieve yourself out of the stress associated with paying your child’s fees in person.
  • With VAWSUM, you will have the assurance that money is not misplaced. No one will want their hard-earned money to be misplaced.

VAWSUM serves as the perfect BRIDGE between a parent and a school when it comes to payment of fees. If you want to save more time and get all the PAYMENT of FEES related issues DONE, on TIME, then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.Visit our website, http://www.vawsum.com, for more details.

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