Reasons Why Schools In India Should Use Vawsum

Vawsum app, a product of Vawsum schools is a school management app. It is a parent-teacher engaging app that takes equal care of the expectations of all its four stakeholders- the school, teachers, students, and the parents. Transform your school into a paperless institution with Vawsum. Save your time and effort.

If you are still wondering why, here are some seven reasons why schools in India need Vawsum School Parent Mobile App :

  1. Attendance- The attendance feature in the app enables the teachers to take and submit attendance online. Teachers can mark whether the student is present, absent or reaches class late. Once the attendance is submitted it instantly notifies parents if their ward is absent or reaches class late.
  2. Bus tracking- Schools can track their transport services through this app. It also notifies the parents of its time of arrival a few minutes before reaching the pickup point, saving time and taking care during harsh weather.
  3. Pay fees- Parents can pay school fees through this app only. No hassle of spending long hours in collecting and counting fees. It’s error-free and time-saving.
  4. Directory- This app maintains updated records of each student. This e-directory is quick and easy to access for communicating with parents. In case of updating any contact details of parents like phone number or address, parents can themselves update it from the app installed on their smartphone and it will automatically be updated in the system’s record. Thus saving time and effort of the school to update its records.
  5. Admission enquiry- Parents seeking for admission related queries are provided with temporary user ids to notify them of the school’s updates, events and happenings and also they get a rough idea of the school’s system and infrastructure. Also receiving continuous notifications from the school may create a separate space in those parents’ mind so as when they will think of admitting their child name of your school will trigger in their mind first.
  6. Communication made easier- Just like WhatsApp in this app as well, there are groups which includes teachers, students, and their parents classified based on classes and subjects. These groups are here termed as diaries. School or teachers can share information, files and announcements with its preferred diaries. Teachers can also send direct messages to parents and communicate with them one to one through this app.No contact number of the teacher concern will be shared with parents.
  7. Branding- The features in the Vawsum school parent app takes care of children’s security and development which indirectly adds value to the school’s branding. When parents share from the app to their social media accounts any photos or videos of the school’s events posted by the school, it gets shared along with a watermark of the school which directly adds up to the school’s branding.

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