“The thirsty students of our school have found the perfect way to quench their thirst for success.” – Principal, Catholic Ashram, Bhurkunda

The first and the foremost way to achieve success is to show up. Maybe, there lies the problem with the present generation. Young people don’t realize that the thirst to succeed can only be quenched by the water from the fountain of showing up. Without showing up, success can only be a dream. Just imagine, had Newton not showed up under the tree when the apple fell then how different physics would have been. Same way, there are a lot of such “apples” around us and so are the “Newton’s” but what lacks is the will to show up in the right moment at the right time.Such was the case with my school as well. Opportunities were always knocking but the availability of students was a concern. Catholic Ashram School, Bhurkunda had enough “apples” to attract the “Newton(s)” but some way or the other, it was kind of impossible to get all the “Newton(s)” under the same roof at one given time. This resulted in an overall decrease in the academics of, firstly, the student and then, the school as a whole. We always wanted to find a solution to this problem. The solution finally came in the form of an online application. Yes, you read it right. An Online APP!Ever since the introduction of the app, the attendance of our school has gone up. The attendance module of this app has revolutionized the whole curriculum system of our school. Students are barely absent and even if they are, their parents always let us know about the correct reason. This has been made by the awesome feature of this app and that is, using this app, our teachers can take attendance and the parent gets instant notifications. Now because of this, all students have second thoughts before being absent without reason (one of the most common reason – “Bunking” could finally be encountered). Absenteeism has gone down, and as the curriculum of a student is inversely proportional to absenteeism, so the curriculum has kind of showcased hyper-inflatory characters. Showing up has indeed helped the students succeed. Regular attendance has been the perfect catalyst in helping the students of our school to take that jump from being an average student to an excellent student.I believe that by now you all have understood which app I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about VAWSUM. Ever since the introduction of VAWSUM, the thirsty students of our school have found the perfect way to quench their thirst for success.For a better understanding, kindly visit http://www.vawsum.com 

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