The Vawsum Engagement App

The Vawsum APP is structured under 4 Pillars:

  1. Instant Communication
    • #announcement: With this feature, school can send all the important notices to the students. So, this acts as a digital medium to give information of notice board
    • #messaging: Now communicate one-on-one with Parents without sharing personal contact
    • #events: Now schools will know which parents will attend an event or not
    • #directory: Digital directory of all students and parents is maintained. Contact one- on – one with them through the app
    • #alumni: Now alumni can connect with each other on the app and pass updates with institute
  2. Digital Learning
    • #Smartapp: Teachers can send educational youtube videos and blog links to students to augment classroom education. They can even record their own videos and share. This becomes an add on to smart classes installed in schools and helps the classes reach student’s homes
    • #Smart Diary: Schools can send updates like classwork, homework at a touch of a button. Optional update on SMS as well
    • #files: Teachers can send syllabus, study plans, circulars, newsletters, school magazines, reference materials directly to parents and students
    • #ask: Schools can collect feedback/survey amongst parents. They can also send regular MCQ questions to students
    • #LMS: Teachers can send assignments to students and even receive submissions. They can grade the submissions and share marks with parent directly
  3. School's Branding
    • #pictures: All pictures shared on the app bear the name of the school as a Watermark, even while sharing these pictures on social media platform.
    • #referralprogram: Encourage students to refer your institute, if they are happy with the quality and attract more leads
    • #admissionenquiry: Keep engaged with the parents who have enquired for admission. Share with them the school profile, updates, results etc. to differentiate your school
  4. Student Safety
    • #attendance: Moment a student is marked absent, parents get an instant update. They can respond with the reason for absence in real time.
      1. No requirement of costly biometric or swipe card machines.
      2. App-based attendance systems, as in Delhi University
    • #payfees: Manage fees, send reminders on Due fees.
      1. Allow parents to pay fees on their mobile app
      2. Configure the same structure of fees in the app, as you have offline
      3. Configure automatic fees reminders
      4. Collect contributions directly from Alumni
      5. Payment Gateway Integration (optional on additional charges)
    • #trackbus: Now track the school/ college bus in real time and get smart proximity notifications
      1. We use OLA-UBER technology. Drivers just have to “Start Trip” on their smartphones and tracking starts.
      2. No down-time when GPS device breaks down. Just download app in new phone.

*Premium modules have been marked in GREEN

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