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Get personalised reports assessing each individual's Multiple Intelligences (original theory was developed in 1983 by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University).

Multiple Intelligence Test

What are the Multiple Intelligences?

Contrary to seeing 'Intelligence' defined only as IQ, this theory posits that an Individual has 8 Different Intelligences

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Capacity to manipulate objects and use a variety of physical skills.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand and interact effectively with others.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence is the capacity to understand oneself and one’s thoughts and feelings.

Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is the ability to think in words and to use language to express and appreciate complex meanings.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to calculate, quantify, consider propositions and hypotheses.

Musical Intelligence

Musical intelligence is the capacity to discern pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone.

Naturalist Intelligence

Sensitivity and appreciation of other features of the natural world like plants, animals, etc.

Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the ability to think in three dimensions.

Why should I take the Vawsum Multiple Intelligence Test?

Get a Competitive Advantage for your Child today!!

Better Grades

Enhance Academic Performance by identifying Individual's recommended Learning Style

Discover Opportunities

Know which Intelligences are More Developed or need focus

Informed Career Choices

Make Academic and Career Choices with greater insights and information

Stronger School Brand

Unique focus on Personalised Learning helps drive admissions

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Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligence Test

How does the Vawsum Multiple Intelligence Test work?

Knowing more about the Child is the First Step towards better Parenting or Teaching
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Frequently asked questions about Multiple Intelligence Tests

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones

1. Who will answer the Question? Student or Parent?

For Junior Classes, Parents will take the Test. For Senior Classes, students and parents could jointly or individually take the Test.

2. Is the Test to be held Online?

Yes, VMIT needs to be taken online.

3. Can an individual student opt for it?

Yes, anyone can register as an individual if their institution has not registered for it.

4. Are there any Prizes to be won?

There are no prizes. This is NOT a competition. You will get a report on the Child’s Multiple Intelligence

5. When will I get the Report?

You will get the report after 7 days

6. How will I get the Report?

If you are taking this Test as an Individual, you will get this on your E-mail. However, if you are taking it via your institution, they will get the report.

7. When can I take this test?

You can take it any time of the year.

8. Is there a minimum age criteria or an age limit?

We recommend students of Class 1 onwards to take this test

9. Where do I access the product?

Please visit www.vawme.com. If a School under Vawsum opts for the Enterprise Plan, they will be able to access the product on their Vawsum App as well.

10. Is this Test available in any language other than English?

No, this is available only in English now.

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