Make Learning Awesome

Award-winning Hybrid Learning Management System for both Physical Classrooms and Online Classrooms through the app and web.

Learning Management System


With plenty of industry-leading features, Vawsum addresses the requirements of the three main stakeholders of an institution very easily: School, Students and Parents
Interactive Learning

Teachers can harness the power of the smart app and engage students in learning through MCQ's and educational videos

Concept Clarity

Students can revisit concepts anytime and raise doubts and queries to teachers to strengthen their understanding

Monitor Learning

Parents can monitor their child's learning activities and help with their academics


Our Solution is designed basis inputs from 1000+ institutions
Smart App

The power of a smart class is made accessible to students at home

Video Repository

Educational videos shared by teachers are stored Subject and Class wise


Teachers can follow up Class Lessons with quick quizzes to check if they are following the lesson


Students can submit their written or typed homework or examination submissions directly to Teachers from their mobile or computers

Smart Diary

Instant classwork and homework updates with option to create custom groups


Platform for individual query and feedback resolution


Teachers can share reference materials, study plans, and School Magazines

Vawsum is trusted by Institutions across the Country

``Vawsum Scholar makes learning management extremely easy during COVID``
Deepak Neopane Little Angels' School, Siliguri
``Parents, Teacher and Students are very pleased with Vawsum Scholar``
Ms. Maitreyi Nag Amarpati Lions Citizen Public School, Siliguri
``Teachers can keep track of their progress in different classes without any confusion now, they are very happy``
Prafulla Mani Pradhan Sacred Heart School, Siliguri
``Student learning has become more efficient with Vawsum Scholar. It is evident from Exam Results``
Dr. Badrinath Pattnaik St. Xavier International School, Bhubaneswar

Frequently asked questions

If you have any doubts beside these, feel free to reach out to us

1. All my Teachers do not have a Computer. How will they use Vawsum?

Vawsum has been built with a mobile-first approach in mind. 100% of the features are accessible from the Mobile App.

2. My Classes have already started. How do I introduce this mid term?

Vawsum does not interfere with your pedagogy or the way you teach. Hence, you can start using it at any time. Think of introducing a new WhatsApp group in your class

3. I do not have the contact details of all my Parents. How will we start off?

We have an option for self-registration for parents and teachers. This way, you can start off with minimal information.

4. Can I start off with just a few classes?

Yes, you can start off with just a few classes and gradually scale up.

5. Do you support vernacular languages like Hindi, Bengali?

Users can use any Language they want to. We are currently serving several Hindi and Bengali medium schools.

6. I have 5000 students. Will the product be fast and safe?

We have several lac users use our product on a regular basis. It’s robust infrastructure ensures seamless and safe usage.

7. I want to use the product as a trial for some time.

We would love to discuss. We will ensure you are comfortable.

8. How do you ensure Data security?

We have 256 bit SSL encryption. Our CTO developed Internet Banking for UBI. You are in safe hands.