5 things to check after you 1st login to Vawsum App

5 things to check after you 1st login to Vawsum App:

  1. Login to the Vawsum App in your smartphone.

2. Click on ” Menu ” at the topmost right-hand corner of your screen appearing as three lines.

3. First thing to check after you login is your name, which appears as the second row after clicking on menu.

4. The second thing to check is your phone number which is just below the school options.

5. The third thing to check is the Diaries. Scroll down to check if all the subjects of your ward/students is listed in the diaries.

6. The fourth thing to check is the Username and Password from the account section. Try keeping a note of your username and password ,so that you may not loose it.

7. The fifth and the last thing to check is the Vawsum App Version. Make sure you are using the latest version, if not, update the app to use the latest version.

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