How Admin can view Tabulation Report of Marksheet before Publish ?

Steps To view the Tabulation Report:

1. Login to https://web.vawsum.com/ using your Admin credentials.

2. Go to Marksheet (available on left column).

3. Click on Marks Panel from the dropdown.

4. Next, Go to Upload Marks.

5. Read the Instructions mentioned above the page.

6. Choose the Academic Year, Test, Class, Section.

7. Click on Download Tabulation Sheet.

8. List of Students along with their respective Test scores of the entire Class would appear on screen in excel format.

9. Next, as an Admin you validate the scores before final Publish of Marksheet.

10. Repeat the steps to Download and Validate Marks for rest of the Class and Sections.

Note – This excel template for Tabulation is only for viewing purpose and not an editable worksheet to upload marks.

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