How admin can manage subject wise student mapping in diary ?

To manage subject wise student mapping in diary:

1. log in to the Vawsum Application on your phone using the credentials provided by your school.

2. Click on the ” menu ” icon appearing as three lines on the right-hand side of the top bar.

3. Now scroll down to click ” View Diaries ” and select one diary(Subject) from the given options in which you want to add the students.

4: A list of students added to the existing diary which you selected will appear. Amongst all the students, select and delete the students you do not want to have in the diary.

5: At the topmost right-hand corner you will find a student-like icon next to the search icon. Click on this icon to add members to the diary.

6: You will get three options namely Add Students & Parents, Add Teachers and Add Others. Select Add Students & Parents.

7: Select the desired class and click on the checkboxes of student and parent, next to the student’s name whom you want to add.

8: Click on the tick mark at the top-right corner. Next click on ADD button to finally add the students.

Watch The Video To Know More.

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