How Student Can Self Map Diaries on their Own

Bellow steps would guide in Student’s self mapping and un-mapping with DIARIES:

  1. Login to Vawsum Web using your credentials as an Admin.
  2. Go to Institution (available on the Left Panel on Dashboard).
  3. Click on Students from the Dropdown.
  4. Next, Click on Invite Student (available on the top right corner on the page).
  5. Copy the Link appears on the pop-up.
  6. Paste and Share the Link to Students (Parents) using WhatsApp, SMS or any other sharing interface.
  7. On receiving the Link, Students can further Click to open the Link.
  8. A Page appears to Student for Self Registration.
  9. On the Registration page Student can Register Student’s Name and Mobile Number.
  10. Next, on the same page, Students can select the required Diaries (Class and Subjects).
  11. Student should Click on Register to go to the next page for DIARY (Subject) mapping confirmation.
  12. Let the Student Check and Uncheck (Boxes) Subjects according to the desired DIARY mapping for the Class.
  13. Once the mapping is confirmed with the required DIARIEs, Student can then Click on Update Mappings (available on the Page)
  14. Click Ok on prompt to proceed and complete with the mapping process.
  15. Check for the message for successful mapping.
  16. On the same Page Student gets the clickable Link to Download and Install Vawsum App on their mobile.
  17. As a next step, Student can try login the Vawsum App following Forgot Password or Login with OTP process (available on the Login page of Vawsum App).
  18. The above process can be followed by School and Students saving time and to avoid Subject mapping hassles for Coaching Institutes or Colleges.

Note – Adding Students by sharing Links should be practiced for New Admission in Colleges or Coaching Institutes where Students themselves can deal with the App for self Login.

Watch the video to know more.

Students can do self mapping in desired Classes

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