How Teacher Would Know The Feed Has Been Uploaded And Awaited For Admin Approval ?

Below steps helps a Teacher to ensure if the Feed has been uploaded successfully and send to Admin for approval:

  1. Login to Vawsum App using your credential as a Teacher.
  2. Go to Make A Diary Entry.
  3. Select desired DIARIES.
  4. Click on Post button to make a Post in the selected DIARIES.
  5. Keep watch for a flash message, if the post is successfully uploaded.
  6. If Teacher is not able to see any flash message of successful upload, please recheck for the upload.
  7. If Teacher is sure of seeing the flash message of successful upload, next scroll and check for the notification in the mobile tray available on top of the screen.
  8. Message in referred tray indicates – If the Post has been sent for Admin Approval
  9. Following the steps would ensure if the post has been successfully uploaded and has been sent for approval to Admin.
  10. Once Admin approve or rejects a post, the report start reflecting under Tools –> Approved Feeds option (available under Menu – three parallel lines available on top right corner of screen)
  11. Both Teacher and Admin can view the Report in Approved Feeds (available under Tools).
  12. The same Report would also be available for Admin, using Admin Panel

Watch the video to know more.

How Teacher would ensure if the feed has been uploaded and sent to Admin for approval

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