How to check a message received?

If you are a parent user and you want to check a message received from your ward’s school then follow the below-mentioned steps :

1. Click on the Vawsum app.

2. If you aren’t already logged in then enter your credentials given by the school on your login page.

3. Once you enter your Username and password in the application and reach the homepage, then on the topmost panel you will get to see 4 icons.

4. Click on the second icon i.e the ” Message ” icon which looks like an envelope.

5. Once you enter the inbox page, click on the message sent by the school which you want to view.

6. The message will have a body section – containing the main context of the text. You can easily view it.

7. In case you have an attachment along with the message, then it will appear as a small yellow icon in the body of the text.

8: Click on the icon and then you can download the file by clicking on the cloud button which appears on the topmost right corner of your screen.

Check out the tutorial for further clarification:

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