How To Map Students with Custom Diaries in Bulk, Using Admin Panel ?

Admin can follow the below steps to map students with custom diaries in bulk:

  1. Login to Vawsum Web using your credentials as an Admin.
  2. Go to DIARIES (available on the Left Panel on Dashboard).
  3. Click on Bulk Custom DIARY Mapping from the Dropdown.
  4. Screen would reflect with the options to download and upload required templates in excel format.
  5. Next, Click on Download Excel to download the Template.
  6. Next, open the Excel file to fill in the Template with the available columns created to choose Custom DIARIES. (e.g.- DIARY 1, DIARY 2, DIARY 3 etc.)
  7. Select and choose respective DIARIES from each dropdown (available under each column with DIARIES)
  8. Save the file and go back to the Admin Panel to upload the File.
  9. Click on Choose File. Then Click on Upload Excel.
  10. Above steps can be repeated while mapping Students in Bulk with Custom DIARIES.


  1. Above steps to be followed only in a scenario to map and communicate existing students with Custom DIARIES created for a purpose on school’s discretion.
  2. Mapping selected students with Custom DIARIES should not be confused with adding new students in a class.
  3. Only Admins are recommended to perform the above activity of creating and mapping existing students with Custom DIARIES.
  4. While uploading Students in the excel, File Name or Format should never be changed.
  5. No manual edit work or alteration is encouraged in the formulated excel file apart from selecting DIARY name from the drop downs.

Watch the video to know more.

Students can be mapped in bulk with custom diaries created by school for a purpose

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