How will VMIT help your School in Admission?

A major problem that every school face during the admission season is that Parents pick up School Prospectus Forms, but do not return. We have a Solution to increase their probability of revisiting the School and taking Admission.

Schools can offer Free VMIT to students who have taken the school prospectus form for the purpose of admission.

This will help the School in many ways:

  • Chances that the Parent will revisit the School increases as they would want to know more about their child.
  • Parents appreciate that the school considers their child to be unique and provides individual attention to their child’s growth.
  • Parents and Teachers will know about the child’s different intelligences and the learning methodologies that best suit him/her. Teachers and parents can tweak their teaching as well as parenting in order to help their child perform better.
  • As a result, the parents will share good words about the school which will lead to the school’s reputation enhancement, help the school drive more admissions, generate leads and improve their teaching methodologies as well.

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