What is VMIT?

The Multiple Intelligence Theory (MIT) was developed by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University. The Multiple Intelligence Theory states each child is unique and each one of them learns differently. According to Howard, there are eight different types of intelligence based on which each child performs and learns differently in different atmospheres.

Identification of this specific way of Learning early on gives him a lifelong edge. Some kids learn by reading out loud, some with soft music playing in the background whereas some learn better when aided with some visual effects.

If we know how each child is wired internally, we can use the correct learning method to ensure that the child performs better.

Vawsum Multiple Intelligence Test (VMIT) recognizes individuals as different beings with their own individual appropriate ways of learning and presents you an analysis of your child’s Intelligence. An understanding of his strengths and areas of weaknesses will help you understand your child better. It will also help confirm a lot of beliefs and challenge few biases you might have about your child.

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