How An Admin or A Teacher Can Respond To Student Leave Application ?

Below steps can be followed to respond to a Leave Application raised by a Parent for their child using Vawsum App:

  1. Login to Vawsum App using your credential as an Admin or a Teacher.
  2. Go to Menu (Three parallel lines available on top right corner of screen).
  3. Scroll the page down and Click on Leave Application (available under Tools).
  4. Find two Tabs (PENDING and ALL).
  5. Check under Pending Tab if any Leave Application is awaited for approval.
  6. Reject or Approve the application as considered by the School or the Teacher.
  7. Admin or Teachers can Click on “ALL” Tab to review the Report for all the Rejected or Approved Leaves raised by Parents.
  8. Once the applied leave is rejected or approved by the Admin, the same would also start reflecting in Parent’s App Login under leave section. Parent can view the status.


  1. An Admin would have the privilege of approve or reject leaves by default. Teachers can have the access to deal with Leaves raised by Parents only on Privilege set for the Teacher.
  2. To activate and set the privilege for the Teacher, School Admin can contact Vawsum Support Team.

Watch the video to know more.

How Admin or a Teacher can approve or reject leave application using Vawsum App

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