How Admin can Approve Feeds from Web Admin Panel ?

Steps to approve feeds from Vawsum Web Admin Panel:

  1. Login to Vawsum Web Panel using your credentials as an Admin/Teacher.
  2. Go to Feeds (available on the left panel on dashboard)
  3. Click on Feed Status
  4. If you are a Teacher – You can track the approval status of your posts by Admin.
  5. If you are an Admin – You can monitor or approve and reject posts made by Teachers.
  6. Click on Approve to approve any Posts made by Teacher.
  7. Click on Reject to reject any Posts made by Teacher.
  8. To Track or Monitor Approved, Rejected or any Awaited Posts for approval, first you can change Status (top right corner on screen). Next, you can Click to alter between Today, This Week and This Month for tracking purpose.

Note – On Approval of Scheduled Posts initiated by a Teacher would reflect on Feed list of Vawsum only at scheduled date and time even if it is approved well in advance by the Admin.

Watch the video to know more.

How Admin or Teacher can Track and Monitor Feeds for Approval

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