How to Pay School Fees with Zero Transaction Charges Using Web Login.

Below steps would show us how to Pay Fees with Zero Transaction Charges:

  1. Login to Vawsum Web using your credentials as a Parent.
  2. Go to Reports and Tools (available on the left Panel).
  3. Next, click on Pay Fees (available in the dropdown).
  4. Select the applicable Fee Book to pay the School Fees for the upcoming month.
  5. Next, Click on View to view the Fees breakup for the Pending Month.
  6. Click on the Green Button – Pay Fees.
  7. Next, on the Terms and Conditions Page, Click on Proceed With PayU.
  8. The next page would display the different Payment Options to Pay Fees.
  9. School Fees can be paid using any of the desired Payment Mode available on the Page.
  10. To Pay Fees with ZERO TRANSACTION CHARGESDebit Card powered by RuPay or UPI mode of payment can be used as would remain available on the page.
  11. After choosing the desired the mode of Payment, Click on Proceed to pay further.
  12. Keep a note on the Prompt that would appear either for a Successful Transaction or if the Payment drops for any reason. (e.g. for Dropped Transactions – incorrect PIN, Session timed out etc.)


  1. Similar steps can be followed to Pay School Fees using Vawsum or School App on your your mobile.
  2. Watch the attached video with this article for paying School Fees with Zero Transaction Charges.

Watch the video to know more.

Pay Fees with Zero Transaction Charges

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