Increase Applications for School Admission Immediately with 4 simple steps

School Admission

True Partners think about your revenues as well. Thus, Vawsum,the best school app in India has now created Vawsum Admission – a product exclusively created to increase school admissions in simple 4 steps.

The module is designed by best minds in the country in consultation with practising school administrators and principals which means it’s real, it’s practical, and it will deliver.  

The entire module is intuitive and has 4 simple, logical steps and a dashboard which has most meaningful metrics for schools to track.

Click here to see an illustrative video. Here are the 4 steps in brief.

Step1: Generate leads

Step1: Generate leads

Step 2: Engage leads

Step 2: Engage and pamper those hard-earned prospects. Remember they are only 50% yours. We still have some convincing to do.

Step 3: Manage prospects

Step 3: Manage your precious prospects

Step 4: maximise ROI

Step 4: Get maximum bang for your bucks. Adjust Campaign expenses to maximise Return over Investments. 

More than 800 Vawsum schools have already signed up for Vawsum Admissions Module to increase their number of school applications. A unique achievement for the best school app in India.

With the Admission Season round the corner, get your school the #Vawsum edge and get more school applications. After all, the hard work that you have done for the year should also be repaid with additional revenues.

Don’t settle – Smart Schools need Smart Partner. Get #Vawsum! After all 1500 schools and daily 5 lac engaged learners can’t be wrong.

Click here to let us help you. To know more about the best school app in India visit www.vawsum.com

  • It is important that our children are in the right school for them.
    Student – School fitment is critical.

    A platform where parents can understand about school, curriculum, teaching method, facilities and engage with the school will help solve this gap.

    At the same time, schools can use the power of technology to take their message to more parents.

    Thus , a win-win situation.

  • Really a very helpful article thanks for sharing and keep on sharing!

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