Release Notes for Vawsum Web Version & Admin Panel Version – 2.8

Release Notes for Vawsum Web Version & Admin Panel Version - 2.8

New Features

1. How Admin Can Handle Student Report: For an Admin to have a quick visibility and track of Students scholastic along with demographic information, a feature has been introduced in web.vawsum.com.

2. How Admission Enquiry Form Works For A Parent: Parents who are planning to shift their children to a new school seeking new admission can fill in the Admission Enquiry Form to submit their child’s scholastic information along with necessary uploads for certificates and other information.

3. How Admission Enquiry Form Works For An Admin: School can use and circulate this Form for online admission enquiry to the Parents seeking new admission of their children. This feature would also work to keep track and analyze admission process of the School’s overall growth aspect.

4. How To Mark A Student Alumni After Issuing TC: Admins need not have to delete student records from the system who are taking transfers from the school as an Alumni. School can store the records for future references.

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