Is your School ready for Omicron?

Is your school ready for omicron

Governments across the Country have started announcing restrictions and measures to contain the resurging Covid19 pandemic. As a School Leader, what does this mean for you? How can you get your school ready for Omicron? Can you turn it into an opportunity? Read on to know more…

The Possibilities

  • State Governments might shut schools for a few days.
  • Government Authorities might stop in-person classes.
  • Teachers will be encouraged to work from home.
  • School Staff could have restricted access to school premises. ارقام الحظ في الروليت

How would Parent react?

  • Guardians will prefer Online Classes.
  • Parents will select schools which are using Dedicated learning management apps like Vawsum versus those relying on just Zoom and WhatsApp.
  • Parents will prefer Online Engagements with the school.

What should you Check?

  1. Are all your Teachers vaccinated?
  2. Do the teachers require any refresher trainings in using Technology? نظام اليورو 2023
  3. Opt for a Dedicated School Learning App / School Learning Management System (LMS).
    • STOP using WhatsApp. Parents know its FREE.
    • Parents want you to opt for proper Learning Management Systems.
    • Ensure the School Learning Management System works with Zoom and Google Meet.
    • The LMS should support attendance for Online Classes.
    • It should be mobile first. It should support Teachers and Parents who do not have computers.
    • Teachers should be able to send reference material.
    • Check if it has Online Examinations.
    • You should be able to issue Marksheets online.
  4. Have a hybrid Fee Management System
    • Should supports Online Fees Collections.
    • Must support cross platform fees collection at Bank, wallets like PayTM and at School Counter.
    • Must provide Automated due reminder notifications.
  5. Have a good Online Admission System
    • parents should have flexibility to take Admissions Offline or Online.

95% of Schools who were using all the Learning Management and Communication Modules of Vawsum increased admissions during the Last 18 Months. We understand what works.

Contact us for a Demo today and drive admissions. Last time there was no warning. العاب عل النت Do not be caught unprepared again.

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