What does it take to have one of the largest school brands signing up with us? – Vawsum

One Word – Engagement!

It’s a super proud moment for us today as we sign up edifyschools on board with us.

At Vawsum, India’s top school app, we engage with more than 1000 schools and more than 400K learners on a daily basis. And that gives us authority on ‘stuff that clicks’ with the school ecosystem. The ecosystem to us means teachers, parents (of both current students and prospects), and the learners.

They say good work doesn’t go unnoticed, well here is the proof! 

Vawsum Engagement Application will be a one-stop engagement and information sharing platform for all Edify schools. Indeed a significant moment for the best school app in India.

Engagement to us means an all-encompassing view of the school ecosystem – starts from a collaborative, two-way meaningful conversation between parents & teachers, extends to learning content & safety for students, and finally revenue generation for schools.

Teachers will now be able to share all announcements, assignments, create events well ahead of time & even receive RSVPs from the parents. So no more confusion or missing out on the most important updates. These are some of the most promising features of the Vawsum, School Parent Mobile App.

Vawsum: School Parent Mobile App- Announcement Feature
Vawsum: School Parent Mobile App- Announcement Feature

Not only that, but teachers shall also be able to share learning resources curated from the web or from their private domains and share them with the learners. Learners now will engage and co-create in classrooms and learn at their own pace at home.

Vawsum: School Parent Mobile App- Pictures Feature
Vawsum: School Parent Mobile App- Pictures Feature

The unique 2-tap phygital attendance will ensure that teachers can ‘see and mark’ attendance for learners and parents get real-time attendance updates. And this without any hardware addition. The 2-tap attendance will also ensure that a teacher can spend more time with students and do what they know best – sharing knowledge!

Vawsum: School Parent Mobile App- Attendance Feature
Vawsum:- Attendance Feature

And finally, the School Referral and end to end lead management system for schools would ensure that all the good work done by schools converts into more learners

Vawsum: School Parent Mobile App- #AdmissionEnquiry Feature
Vawsum: School Parent Mobile App- #AdmissionEnquiry Feature

And with this Edify becomes even more #awesome with #vawsum.

Cheers to a lasting partnership!

Visit us at https://www.vawsum.com


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