United we stand, Divided we fall. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY!

United we stand, Divided we fall. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY!

One day, a teacher of class 2 walks into his class and the conversation that followed would surely melt your heart.

Teacher – *with a smile* Class, can you all tell me that how many colours are present on our National Flag?

Class – *shouts* There are three colours on our National Flag. They are Saffron, White, and Blue.

Teacher – *with pride* Correct! You all are absolutely correct.(but then, from one corner of the class, a student named Akash Thapa jumped up and shouted)

Akash – Sir, there are five colours on our National Flag.(the full class burst into laughter)Teacher – My child, how are there five colours on the National Flag?

Akash – Sir, on top there is saffron; in the middle, there is white; below, there is green; and there is a blue chakra in the centre.

Teacher – Yes, but that, my child, adds up to four and not five.(then the innocent child replied)

Akash – With saffron, white, green and blue, there are big blots of red all over the flag. I saw this when they opened the coffin in which my dad was kept. (there was pin-drop silence in the class)Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolour, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure” – Capt. Vikram Batra, PVCA truer line can never be said regarding the Indian Army.

Over the years, it is because of them that we are safe. Law of dispersion says that when a beam of light passes through a triangular prism, it separates into component colours but little does it know that back in the mid 20th Century, a beam of red light entered the prism of the British Raj and separated into three distinct colours with a chakra. Newton must have been proud of this spectroscopy, had he been alive. Today on this auspicious day, Team VAWSUM salutes each and every Braveheart because had they not been there, we won’t have been here. We stand here today, all safe and sound and call us a ‘republic’.

We boast of having a very good constitution but are we really free? Has the crime rate really decreased? Can we really boast of a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC? How can we call this a Happy Republic day? Can we really say that we have social, economic and political JUSTICE? Can we really say that we have LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith, and worship? Do we really have EQUALITY of status and of opportunity? Are we really promoting FRATERNITY? If not, then the sacrifice of the Bravehearts is of no use. Then The Preamble is of no use. On this day, when our constitution came into existence, let us pledge against crime and corruption. Let us strive towards the JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and FRATERNITY that our PREAMBLE states. Only then can we have a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. 

Vawsum wishes you a very Happy Republic Day.

“Let India be the SONG we SING, Let India be the DREAM we DREAM.”

Jai Hind!

United we stand, Divided we fall. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY!

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