National Education Policy 2020 – Key Features.

National Education Policy 2020 - Key Features.

Ms. Geeta Verma of GD Goenka Signature School, Gurgaon gives us an insight into her journey, her vision, and her goals for her students. She also shares with us the key features of the National Education Policy 2020 and how it could play a vital role in upgrading the Indian Education System. She also gives invaluable advice to parents from her years of experience as an educator.

Journey to today:

Ms. Geeta Verma belongs to an Army family. In her early years, she traveled a lot. She had to change schools every two years and has been to various places. She studied in a lot of missionary schools, and the dedication of the nuns is what motivated her to choose to be a teacher as her profession.

Teaching has been her passion from a very young age. She had a lot of naysayers when she chose to be a teacher even though she has always been a bright student. But, Ms. Verma never saw teaching as a last resort or option. كونكر بوكر She considers teaching to be a very important profession that can impact and change lives. Teachers are the ones who are responsible for shaping young minds and creating a future generation of the world. So, it is in no way less important or impactful than other career options.

Being from an army background has made Ms. Verma more tenacious, sedulous, and strong. As soon as she became comfortable in a place, she was uprooted from there and had to move someplace else. In every new place, she had to start from the beginning again. Like, making new friends, adjusting to the new environment, follow-up on the missed portion of the syllabus, etc. All these have helped her in the real world by increasing her adaptability quotient.

Long Term Vision and Goal:

Ms. Geeta Verma feels life skills are the most important factor to cultivate in a child. Concepts or theory is just a vehicle to develop the required life skills. These skills are what are going to help children survive in the real world and be happy.

Ms. Verma wants to instill these life skills in all her students. Earlier, these skills were developed “by chance” or coincidentally with the events of life. Ms. Verma strives to cultivate these skills in students intentionally from a very young age. So that students are ready to face the adversity and circumstances of the real world.

Key Features of National Education Policy 2020

Ms. Verma feels that the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) will bring the right changes to the Indian Education System, and will help India is vastly growing in the Educational Sector. She has shared some of the key features of the National Education Policy 2020 that should be implemented in every school.

  1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) – NEP is changing the examination pattern from long type questions to MCQ. Ms. Ms. Verma feels this would be a good change in the Indian Education system. This is because, MCQs are not only about ticking the right option but also eliminating the “much similar” other options. Children learn the process of elimination through this.
  2. Two Exam Termination – Ms. Verma supports the policy of NEP where it says to divide single termination exams into two small termination exams. This will lessen the burden on students and give them time to venture into other areas of life.
  3. Project-Based Learning – The NEP has declared a ‘No bag day’ policy once a week. In this day, students work on some project which are related to real life and come up with appropriate application for it by the end of the year or so. Ms. Verma has taken this policy and modified it to ‘no bag hour’ once a week. For one hour every week her students work on some project in teams, this also helps in growing team-work skills in students. These are not projects which are to be kept in the cupboard once it is done but they have real impact and results at the end. Students should feel that their time and efforts have reaped some effective results.
  4. Cultivating Life-Skills – Ms. Verma believes that this is one of the most important features of the NEP. The curriculum and teaching methods should be reviewed. It is important to understand why is something taught and how will it help students in real life. الفرق المتاهله في اليورو 2024

How to improve the Indian Education System?

A lot of Indian students move or settle abroad because they feel the exposure or opportunities are better there. Ms. Geeta Verma feels that there are some changes that the Indian Government can make so that students get similar exposure and opportunity here also.

The Indian Government can reach out to private International Institutes and see if they want to set up a branch of their institution here. This practice is followed in a lot of countries like Dubai. This helps students to get an international education experience in their own country. لعبة ملك الدومينو

The Indian Government should be much more flexible with subject combinations. Students should be able to shop among subjects and try out their varied interests in different fields.

There has been hardly any change in the syllabus of the Indian Education System for decades. Government should go over the syllabus every few years and upgrade it. It is very important to introduce new concepts with time, only then students will be able to evolve with the generation.

Advice to Parents:

Ms. Geeta Verma feels that “there is no way to be a perfect parent but there are a million ways to be a good parent”. Parents should allow their children to take risks. They should encourage their child to ask questions and help them to spark their curiosity. However, it is very important for parents to let go of their children so that they can find out the answer to their questions by themselves. Parents should stop giving ‘ready-made’ answers to their children. They have to let their child make their own mistake and find their own passion. Only then will they be independent and happy adults.

Parents should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their children. They should encourage them to do better, however, should not keep unrealistic expectations from them. Parents should always remember that children are not their shadows who are created to live up to their dreams. Children are individuals on their own who should be given freedom and respect.

Parents should not take responsibility for their child’s studies. However, they should demand love and security from teachers rather than more homework. It is very important to understand that good grades would not make their children good human beings.

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