The benefits of sending pictures by using VAWSUM.

“Why do you Click Pictures?”- a question that we are all familiar with. The answer to this question can vary from person to person but the outcome is the same. Each picture is a prized possession for all. Be it our first day in school or the first time we stepped into college, or maybe, the time we get married or the time become a parent, each picture brings with it a thousand emotions. As the moments keep fleeting, time keeps passing and the landscape keeps changing – it becomes very important to capture every moment. For example, we will never have our “first” day in school again, or we might never run wearing that school dress again. Just imagine the smile that can spread across the face when holding such a picture in our hand? It can be priceless. A picture helps us relieve those small moments of our lives that we do not want to forget.Every picture tells a story. And every story brings with it a smile. We, in VAWSUM, value your smile. The following is the story of one of a parent who is using VAWSUM to stay connected to her child’s school.“Mrs.Roy recently started a new job as a cashier.  It was her second week on the job and she had some screw-ups, funny stories, weird dilemmas and some unbelievable customers. This was her first customer service job- not that she hasn’t had to deal and work with customers before, just not this much or at this level.Mrs. Roy is a  hardworking and cheerful lady. She has a loving family, caring husband and a beautiful daughter Ananya. Mrs.Roy loves spending time with Ananya and enjoys her little-little mischief.Mrs.Roy started remaining busy, now she had lots of work to handle. She was unable to spend time with his family. One day while she was at work, a father came with his daughter to get her a new toy, seeing that she started missing Ananya and what followed was something amazing. Her hands crept into her purse and she took out her phone. She then started gazing at the pictures that were sent to her from Ananya’s school. Actually, the School had recently started sending updates using Vawsum. It was a neat application, very easy to use. Through Vawsum she got the pictures of Ananya which, always, makes her day.”This is just one instance. Let us look at another instance in which VAWSUM was successful in bringing a smile on another parents’ face.“Rajni finished making the announcements and settled in her seat. The lights gradually went dim and the rumble grew louder. She had been an air hostess for nearly four years now but still felt uncomfortable whenever the flight made these turns and noises. However, she never let any of her inhibitions show on her face.Life had been good to her. She had an amazing family and a husband, who listened. A smile spread across her lips as she remembered how he had surprised her by landing up at the airport with balloons to pick her up last week. Having him by his side made her stressful life a little more manageable.Rajni noticed the mother in the third row trying to put her child to sleep. The kid would be of roughly the same age as Amit, Rajni mused. Amit had Rajesh’s eyes. He was turning out to be naughtier every day. She wished she could spend more time seeing him grow. Thankfully the School had recently started sending updates using Vawsum. So, she always looked forward to getting off the flight and get real-time updates. The picture of Amit playing with colors was just adorable! Her colleagues had all fussed about how fast Amit was growing up.”Of all the many ways in which VAWSUM has helped in the revolution of parent-teacher engagement in the growth of a child, the one reason that has been the catalyst is the feature that allows teachers to send pictures to the parents. This feature can boost the parent-teacher engagement in many ways. Let us understand them with the help of few examples.

  • Rambo was a good boy and he used to go to school on a regular basis but he had only one problem. He was hard at remembering. As a result, he could never do his homework. Unknown to what the homework was given, his parent couldn’t help him either. This became a topic of concern for his parents. They didn’t know what to do. It was very harassing for the teacher to be bothered every day by the parents for the regular update of the homework and on the other hand, it was very difficult for his parent to contact with the teacher regularly.  And the worst part was, there were many such Rambo in the school. The situation demanded a subjugator maybe. Judging how delicately poised the situation was, the school authorities decided to use VAWSUM and that turned out to be the masterstroke. Using VAWSUM, the teacher could send the pictures of the homework for the next day. Parents sitting at home would receive the same. The contact details of the teacher won’t be shared(unlike all other engagement apps). This lessens the harassment on the part of the teachers. Along with that, a parent stays back home and gets to know about the homework set for her/his child. All the Rambos started then completing homework.This is how the feature of clicking pictures help in doing the homework on a regular basis.
  • On the 13th of February, New Model High School celebrated National Woman’s Day. Kavya played the role of a poor girl who was molested. She played her role pretty well but as it was only for the students, her parents couldn’t see her live. But all thanks to VAWSUM, her parents could at least see the picture of their daughter. Her picture brought a smile on her parents’ face. They thanked the school for using VAWSUM. 
  • Peter participated in the intraschool 100-meter race for the first time. After days of practice, he won the race. His parents could not come on the day of the event as they were out with some urgent work but that didn’t mean they missed the winning moment. The school uploaded his picture with the medal. His parents were proud of him. “Thank you Vawsum!” they exclaimed.
  • Mrs.T.Sardar uploaded the picture of the Akbar. He was the topper of the class. When his picture was uploaded, his parents were happy. He got the limelight. Everyone spoke about him. Seeing all these, Axar too wanted to be in the place where Akbar is. He too started working hard. In the following exam, there was a 23.5% increase in the marks of Axar. All these happened because Mrs.T.Sardar uploaded the picture.

There are millions of Rambo, Kavya, Peter or Axar out there. And there are certainly millions of parents who are working day and night, unknown to the activities of her daughter/son.

  1. Like the parent of Rambo, there are parents who are longing to take active participation in the day to day studies of his/her child.
  2. Like the parent of Kavya, there are parents who are willing to see their child perform but can’t.
  3. Like the parent of Peter, there are parents who have chances of missing the event of their child.
  4. Like Axar, many more can be motivated by the success of others and strive towards excellence.

But you all don’t need to worry anymore. All thanks to VAWSUM, the unknown becomes known with the click of a button. For everyone, the subjugator is hereFor a better understanding, kindly visit,

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