Advantages of using online examination system.

 A major highlight of using a web-based exam software or an online examination system is that it gives a high level of transparency as opposed to the traditional method or remote method. It is almost impossible to compromise exam questions and evaluations because they cannot also be influenced. Most online exams generate their results instantly and it is often possible for the exam taker to get information on his results immediately. Some of the major advantages of online examination include the following:

Time management

Online examination systems help in saving time. With the easy availability of computers and the internet, the lengthy formalities and processes involved in creating question papers, registering candidates for exams, answer sheet evaluation and declaration of results get completely eradicated. Starting from the initial process of registration, enrollment and admit card distribution to examination and finally, the announcement of results have been synthesized and simplified in the online platform.

Cost saving

When an exam is based on the online platform, there is a considerable decrease in the cost quotient. The cost of paper, photocopying, and distribution expenses are all reduced or eliminated. The elimination of paper costs acts as a great initiative towards the creation of a green Earth. Administrators who want to reduce expenditures are likely to strongly favor using online assessment software.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Exams can be conducted anywhere. All a student needs is a device to have access to the internet connection. Students, no longer need to move from one place to another in the name of sitting in for the examination. In the same vein, examiners do not have to bother with the laborious task of marking exams as this is well taken care of by the system as the system actually marks each exam and presents the result to the student at the end of the exam.  Examiners can give the exam according to their convenience.

Security and confidentiality

For an exam to retain its value,  the security and the confidentiality of the exam is to be retained. AThe drawback with the prepared written exam is that any leakage will definitely compromise the standard of the exam and may result in a cancelation or a retake. But in an online system, not only is the content of the exam safely locked away in a database but the access to the database is only possible with an authorized personnel. One can also give the exam in a secure and safe atmosphere.

Statistical analysis

Compared data can easily be stored over time and thus, different comparative analysis can be done to analyze the outcomes of exams over time. 

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