Vawsum-School Parent App

Vawsum-School Parent App

At Vawsum we truly believe in retaining our existing customers. An unmatched retention rate that ranges in the 90s is a testimony to our commitment. This is the primary reason, why Vawsum has emerged as one of the best School Parent app in India.

School App has become a necessity for schools and educational institutions these days. Over 1200+ schools have signed up for Vawsum.

‘Retention’ makes tangible sense – where the economics of retention versus acquisition comes into play. The cost of acquisition can be upto 25 times the cost of retaining one.

But to us intangibles are as important – a retained customer helps us with no less than 10 referrals every year, their acceptance of new product features and enhancement is far more amenable, they are active participants in helping us create our product road map and even testing it in Beta phases.

Customer Service delight is one of the pillars on which we base Vawsum. We have a standard commitment to our customers – 100% response rate to any ticket in 4 hours or less and 98% resolution rate in 24 hours and that’s why we have more than 50 service experts spread across Geographies. This helped us retain our reputation as a top-class educational app.

We decided to add more teeth to our service. Hence the integration of Whats app into the Vawsum App.

We believe, 4 hours is a good duration to respond and acknowledge, more aggressive than what the largest service company in the World mandates but not good enough for us. Why not crunch it to few minutes, why would our schools even reach out to the service experts when a dedicated central service team can solve most problems immediately or in a matter of a few minutes. A USP that makes us one of the top school management apps.

This is only the beginning of what is going to be a focus area for us in the coming times. Please look out as we add newer features and make our service even more robust and responsive. Vawsum is way more evolved than any school management software.

We would love to hear your views on this initiative and the enhancement that you would like to see built-in.

To know more visit us at Vawsum.com – we make learning awesome!


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