“Make Remote Education Better”: Satyamev Jayante School Principal

"Make Remote Education Better": Satyamev Jayante School Principal

Ms Shanoli Roy, Principal of Satyamev Jayante Primary School, Haldia, tells us how to make remote education better in a very engaging conversation. She tells her how it can help develop 21st-Century Skills for students.

Main Categories of 21st Century Skills:

1. Learning skills – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. 

2. Literacy skills – Digital Literacy, Global Awareness, Leadership, and Financial Literacy. 

3. Life skills – Initiative, Self Awareness, Motivation, and Flexibility.

Ms. Roy opines that Covid19 caused a lot of problems amongst children. Problems like inattentiveness, irritation, and a laidback mindset were most rampant. Parents need to be aware of it and take steps to address it.

21st-century skills help children to adjust to the uncertainty of our times and cope up with the changing economy and society.

Cooperation and Collaboration:

Cooperation and collaboration are some of the most effective ways to make remote education better in today’s world. The teaching procedure has to evolve to make this work. Students have to lead the way. And the teachers have to act as their support system and help them out with all resources and problems.


Ms Shanoli Ray says, “the most common by-products of the pandemic has been an increase in anxiety, mainly in children”. Tele counselling has emerged as one of the most effective methods to counter this.

First, schools start engaging with the students on an individual basis, once or twice a week. They encourage them to speak up their minds and express themselves in various ways, like in the form of art. Once students get comfortable, group counselling sessions are introduced. Parents are also encouraged to be a part of these sessions, such that healthy communication can be maintained.

Financial Literacy:

One of the most important tools in today’s times is Financial Literacy.

Ms Shanoli Ray

Money management has emerged as the need of the hour in this pandemic with the downfall of the economy. People of all ages should be familiar with Handling Finances. Children should be aware of the economy of their households. To evolve a sense of duty in their conscience, parents should solicit and value inputs from their children on such matters. This would bring a feeling of mutual responsibility among all.

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