How Do We Build Effective Parent-School Partnerships in Inclusive Schools?

Parents and schools need to work in tandem to make sure that the students get a proper studying and growing environment. There’s a big pool of research and studies on the positive impact of parenting on the child’s success, not just in school but throughout life.Let’s take a look at the aspect of gaining respect in this field and era of parenting.  In building respect both the parent and the school are valued, they are trusted and they are respected. The needs of the child come first and the child’s needs form the basis of all interactions. Both recognize that the family perspective is invaluable actually in providing in-depth insights and information as to what a child needs to be successful in school.The parents are full partners in the decision-making process of the child being successful in school because that information is so important and many times there is what we call an open-door policy at school. Here is also what we call the recognition of limits. The parents do have limits, as they have other responsibilities as well, so schools provide access to services, supports, resources, and meetings at times and places that work for their parents.Now that neither the school nor the parent blames the other for what’s not working but instead they claim responsibility for school success. Then comes the most important aspect of the parent-teacher relationship and that is to build trust as trust sustains those quality partnerships. The keys to building relationships with partnerships are the same as building relationships in the classroom. We need to feel belonged, we need to feel trusted and we need to feel valued. Relationship nurtures the collaboration and that is so necessary for partnerships to survive. This, in turn, will help kids succeed in school and later on in their lives.To conclude the three R’s, Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships helps us to form all those partnerships that help the kids to flourish in a better way.

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