Introspect-Adapt-Win : Delhi Public School Principal

Introspect-Adapt-Win : Delhi Public School Principal

“In the constant race that life has become today, a skill that helps us slow down and relax, that allows us to look back and evaluate ourselves and adapt to the changes is Introspection.” Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, Principal of DPS Ghaziabad, believes that to succeed in this world it is very important to adapt and grow with the changes of the world. Introspect-Adapt-Win should be our mantra.

He advices everyone to prioritize taking time out for oneself. As a result, we would be more recharged to face the new challenges of the day.

How to Adapt to the Change in the Educational Sector:

Mr. Bist feels that the face of education as we know today is bound to change.

Hybrid Classrooms– Learning will occur in a 50/ 50 format. This means a part of the curriculum will be taught digitally, so that children are able to adapt, understand and learn at their own pace. At the same time, in order to inculcate social skills and keep the tradition of classroom teaching alive, some form of learning will be imparted in classrooms.

As a result of this, he strongly feels that students can experience the best of both worlds.

Advice to Parents, Teachers and Students:

  • Mr. Singh advices parents to be understanding and supportive and teach their children to look at the brighter side.
  • His advises Teachers are to be more adaptive and encourage team work.
  • Most importantly, he wants all children to learn to accept themselves as they are. 

Mr. Trilok Sing Bist concluded by saying “In these trying times, all we have is each other to fall back on. We should strive to be better every day, so that we can help others as well as ourselves.” 

So, Introspect-Adapt-Win the Battle of Life!!

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