The benefits of having a poll in class.

Before the birth of a child, the family decides whether the delivery would take place in a nursing home or a hospital. Then the name of the child is also decided after consulting everyone. Then, what the child should wear or what the child should eat is also decided by the parent. Which school should the child be admitted to or how the child should be going to school, everything is decided by the parent. This solely happens because each and every parent loves their child beyond any measure.

Each parent knows what is the best for their child. Each parent is concerned about the security of their child.For a parent, love is not just an emotion but also making certain decisions. A parent wants to be involved in each and every decision making situation where their child is concerned. But the one problem that still remains is, voicing opinion when it comes to taking decisions regarding school events. For example, it might just happen that a parent doesn’t want his/her child to go for the picnic to a zoo but because he/she has no other options, the parent has to send the child to the zoo.

So in that case, what should be done? Should the parent have no say in deciding the field assignment of his/her child? The answer is “A parent should be able to voice his/her opinion in taking any decision when it comes to their child”. But, then again, is this possible? The answer once again is Yes. What seemed impossible is now possible, all thanks to VAWSUM.Just imagine that you are a parent. One morning you wake up and see that the teacher of your child’s school has asked you for your opinion in terms of the place where your child should be taken for a class assessment. You can see few options and all you need to do I to click on the option that you want. Or, imagine you are a teacher. If you can ask for the opinions of the parent, then how much workload gets decreased?

All you need to do is to ask a question and provide with some relevant options. The option that receives the highest vote can be taken as the perfect foundation based on which, the decision can be taken. Taking decision, thus, for a teacher can become a lot easier with the help of VAWSUM . And, all these can actually be beneficial in the long run as this feature enhances the engagement between a parent and a teacher and thus fostering the child growth as well.For a better understanding, kindly visit 

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