Top 5 Easy Ways for Teachers to engage Students in learning

Top 5 Easy Ways for Teachers to engage Students in learning

Every student has their own field of interest and keeping them engaged in what they like may not be that difficult. But when it comes to engaging a class or a huge group of children in learning a particular topic, some may like it and some may not. Here comes the question of how teachers can keep their students engaged in learning!

We bring you 5 tips to actively engage your students and help them feel personally connected to their learning.

1. Connect what you’re teaching to real-life- Learning becomes easier for children when they can relate those things to their real life. Choosing culturally relevant materials, using specific everyday examples helps teachers to connect the lessons to students’ real-life experiences. Teachers can demonstrate to the students how math concepts are applicable in managing their personal finances, nutrition, and daily schedule. This will help students see the connections between what they’re learning inside and outside the classroom.

2. Grouping students- Dividing the class into groups of four or pairs of two increases the likelihood of everyone’s contribution to in-class discussion and problem-solving.

3. Briefly describe the background of the topic- While teaching any topic gives a brief description of how the topic came up, what’s its significance, and its historical relevance.

For example- While teaching Pythagoras Theorem, share the story behind its invention.

4. Teach students self-monitoring skills- A concentrated effort to engage students in their learning helps them to maintain focus, sustain positive behavior, and grasp and retain the material.

Children sometimes struggle with self-awareness, so they may not even realize when they’re straying off task or acting in disruptive ways. When children know how to regulate their behavior and work independently, they develop self-help habits to succeed.

5. Conduct some fun activity in the class- Show children films related to the topics they are studying. Send them animated/interesting educational videos to watch at home. Parent-Teacher-Student App like Vawsum is very helpful in this case. Schools can share Reference Videos ( YouTube videos or videos of Teachers) with the students/parents. Make them live and feel those topics than just reading in books. This will plant a seed of interest in their mind which will keep them engaged in finding more about those topics.


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