‘Healthy Work-Life Balance’: Principal of GEMS Academia International School

'Healthy Work-Life Balance': Principal of GEMS Academia International School

Aditi Mukherjee, the Principal of GEMS Academia International school, started out the interview with what motivates her on a daily basis. She attributed her motivation to the opportunity to engineer the development of her school and the chance to work out of a relatively green campus. She also gives us her intake on 21st-century skills and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Opinion on 21st Century Skills:

Aditi Mukherjee is a principal, strategist, and most importantly, a leader in the education management industry. A lot of her invaluable opinion on 21st Century Skills comes from these experiences of hers.

According to her 21st-century skills are a set of particular skills which help us in our life and career. It includes our habits, traits, and knowledge. These if nurtured in present-day students would help them in being successful in the future. Elaborating further, she states that some of the most important life skills are-
1. Critical Thinking– Decisiveness, implementation, and selectivity in terms of your choices are some of the attributes that make up this skill.
2. Effective Communication– Being a good listener, empathy and patience are some of the factors that are key to communication
3. Creativity– Here, creativity implies the ability to make your life purposeful. You have to carve your own unique path and achieve your goals.

These ideas should be cultivated by parents, teachers, and students.

Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance:

For educators, especially the female diaspora, she had a few words of wisdom. This pertains to the common problem of work-life balance in this modern world.

  1. Self-awareness helps a lot in attaining this balance. This would allow us to reflect on their goals. It will also help reassess the strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Emotional balance is another important cog in the wheel of our day-to-day lives. This is because it stops us from channelling their frustrations in the wrong direction.
  3. Most importantly, the easy availability of self-help tools like SWOT Analysis and Mind Mapping. These tools should be used in this age of digitalisation.

Advice to Parents:

Lack of effective communication is a big problem currently. This is creating a gap between children and parents. This gap needs to be bridged to form lifelong strong connections.

Parents should develop an understanding mindset because the children are undergoing a lot of shifts in their lives. They are adjusting to a new way of learning for this pandemic. Moreover, living in a very short span of time. Dedicated family time is required for the students as well as the parents. This includes activities like cooking, cleaning together, etc.

Practising these will ensure a healthy relationship between parents and children.

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