VAWSUM – connecting parents to students in the course of the child’s journey to school

The safety of the people shall be the highest law” – Marcus Tullius CiceroIt has been seen over the years that the one area of concern for everyone is “safety”. Be it getting up from sleep to going to bed, from going out for any work to returning back home – in each and every aspect, we prefer “safety” over danger. And when it comes to safety, we prefer “my safety” or “our safety”, but we often forget about the “safety” of our child. In the busy day to day life, the last thing that a parent look into is the “safety” of their child when the child is going to or returning from school because “school buses” are easily available. Now, everyone uses VAWSUM because VAWSUM helps a parent to be connected to the child all through the child’s journey. VAWSUM has indeed revolutionized the on-road school bus journey of a child. Using VAWSUM, one can easily get the live location of the school bus. So, a parent need not worry anymore about where the school bus is. One can easily get to know when his/her child reaches school. The “tension” associated with the child returning back home using the school bus is also over as, as mentioned earlier, one can easily get the “live location” of the school bus. VAWSUM gives the “pick-up” and “drop-down” notifications, and “over-speeding” notifications. All in all, VAWSUM brings with it, a one-stop solution, when the “safety” of the student is concerned. All these features help each and every parent, to stay connected with their child and thus decreases “tension” from the side of the parent and increases “safety” when the student is concerned. If you also want to assure the safety of your child by staying connected with him/her all the time, then VAWSUM is the ideal solution. Please visit our website, , for more information.

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