How do Polls Bridge the Gap Between Parents and Teachers ?

The Current Education System is based on Online Classes. Thus, Teachers struggle to develop a bond with the parents of their students. The parents also often find themselves clueless about the ongoing education of their child. Hence, most of the schools have adopted the School-Parent app strategy in order to bridge the gap between parents and the teachers.

Vawsum, a School-Parent app is trusted by 1000+ schools across the country. It is India’s Leading School app and provides foolproof solutions for the challenges faced by Schools. The Polls feature in the app acts as a feedback mechanism for the teachers and helps in the free flow of information between parents and the teachers. It also helps in the parents’ involvement in the decisions related to their child. Polls acts as an effective mode of communication for the parents as they can express their opinions with anonymity.

Following is an in app walkthrough of the Poll feature of Vawsum;

How to Create a Poll

Thus, Polls helps the teachers to know about the expectations of the Parents as well as acts as an approval mechanism for them. Vawsum offers many such features to upgrade the School-Parent relationship. Click here to know how we can help you!

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