India’s Dancing Idol 2020

India's Dancing Idol 2020

India's Dancing Idol 2020

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The heat of competition is a funny thing. It brings outsides of our the personalities we never knew we had lurking. And frankly, it’s invigorating right? With that thought in our minds, we at Vawsum have decided to organize a National Dance Competition for our budding dancers to explore themselves and could probably become our future “Michael Jackson”

You would ask how? Simple!!

All your young champion needs to do is to prepare a performance and record it on a video. Then Upload the video on Facebook, Youtube and share the link with us. We will charge a small processing fee of Rs 100/entry.

Not only this all the young dancers’ out there can get a chance to win exciting rewards and prizes along with featuring in various social media platforms.

So what are you waiting for?
Put on your dancing shoes and show your skills to the world about which you were also unaware of.


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