The Benefits of Having a Poll in an Online Class

The Benefits of Having a Poll in an Online Class

The lockdown imposed in the country has forced the Schools and Colleges to switch over to Online Mode of Classes. Most Students consider online classes boring because of the passive learning experience. Students like interactive classes and the need of the hour is to develop a strategy so that the students remain focused on the lesson, rather than browsing the web.

Polls not only act as a feedback system but also they help in the Student-Teacher/Teacher-Parent interaction. It gives a chance of participation to each and every student/parent and hence makes the classes both student-friendly and interactive. Polls helps Teachers to know about the expectations of the students and thus it helps them to develop a better relationship with their students. A Poll acts as an approval mechanism for the teachers by developing a bilateral communication system with anonymity.

We at Vawsum believe that interactive learning sessions lead to an overall development of the child and thus we have developed many ways to revamp the entire learning experience for the students. The Poll option of our app is one of such effective ways to improve the communication between students and their teachers.

The Benefits of Having a Poll in an Online Class
How to Create a Poll

The Benefits of Having a Poll in an Online Class
Types of Polls on the App

Polls break the monotonous flow of content and helps to get the answers of both open and close ended questions. Vawsum helps you with many such features like attendance, assessments, quizzes, announcements, diaries etc. Vawsum is trusted by 1000+ Schools. We at Vawsum ensure the most wholesome learning experience for the students. Book your free demo today!

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