Benefits of Activity-Based learning

Benefits of Activity-Based learning

Activity-based learning in simple words refers to the incorporation of fun activities in the learning process. Activity-based learning is rooted in the idea that children are active learners rather than passive recipients of information. If children are provided with the opportunity to explore on their own and are provided with an optimum learning environment, then learning becomes more joyful and long-lasting. Activity-Based learning is centred around the idea of understanding the social nature of children. With the temporary closure of schools across the country, activity-based learning can help children continue to grow in their homes. Activity-based learning motivates the students to participate in their learning experience via practical activities such as independent investigation and problem-solving.

Following are some essential benefits of activity-based learning;

  1. Encourages Students to express themselves in different ways– Activity-Based learning provides students with the freedom to express themselves in different creative ways. It empowers them to explore and solve problems on their own. Activity-based learning provides them with the opportunity to say what they have learned through the act of doing rather than simply taking notes.

2. Makes the Classes Interactive– Online Classes can become very monotonous at times but introducing activity-based learning in the classes can make them interesting. It allows the students to interact and know each other. It helps them to collect information via personal research and experience.

3. Helps the students to become Independent– Activity-based learning is built around a self-directed learning approach. It encourages the students to conduct their own experiments and learn from their mistakes. Students learn to take accountability for their work and at the same time feel recognized for their actions. Activity-based learning aims to develop inquisitive minds at a tender age.

4. Supports Overall Development of children– Activity-based learning helps to develop social skills in children and also fosters team spirit in them. It helps to enhance the knowledge of children at the ground level. It supports them to acquire knowledge outside their educational environment and know reality.

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