5 Reasons why Facebook Live should be used in Schools

Importance of Facebook Live

Do you want to expand your horizon and increase your reach? Facebook Live is the ultimate solution for you! This and the upcoming years will be all about videos, so this is absolutely the best time to get to know more about this area and use it to your benefit!

Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms in this era, which is still rapidly spreading among people and has not lost its charm. Through Facebook Live, you can easily stream a live video on your page or feed and multiply your reach to the next level.

It has been observed that more than 80% of consumers prefer watching videos to reading blogs. Moreover, according to Facebook Algorithms, these Live videos are placed at a higher rank, which gives them almost 148% more visibility than other Facebook posts or activities!

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is an integral feature that is present both on the Facebooks Website and Mobile App. Through this, you can stream a real-time video and engage with your audience. You can use this power of video to showcase some important event or story and build an authentic relationship with your audiences. Viewers can reach, share and comment on the stream. This Live stream can also be shared as a video in your news feed or page so that people can even watch it later!

3 Benefits of Going Live on Facebook-

Many people are still unaware of the charm and importance of Facebook Live. Not to worry, we have got you! In this section, we will give you a detailed view of how Facebook Live can turn around your social media game!

  • Take Your Engagement to the Next Level –

Any live video content has 6 times more reach than any other posts. People also tend to comment 10 times more on Facebook Live. Thus, you make more real-time engagement with your audience. Moreover, Facebook has set its algorithm in such a way that any live video reaches out to more people on their newsfeed, promising more outreach and engagement. Yes, the reach is bigger than you can even imagine!

  • Cut Down on Unnecessary Cost –

The magic of Facebook Live is it is completely free! Why not use it to get the same or more amount of traffic without any additional cost! For other ways of advertisement, you have to spend tons of money and resources. Whereas, with Facebook Live you can use any of your existing devices, click on one button and reach people all over the world! Moreover, Facebook itself provides you with basic editing options, so you don’t even need to spend more money on editing the video from an external source.

  • Save your Invaluable Time –

The beauty of Facebook Live lies in its raw and unedited nature. Audiences always want to see a real version of a person/organization behind the pre-recorded videos. Facebook Live helps you do exactly that and engage your audience. OfCourse even for Facebook live you will need some preparation and set-up, but it is very less compared to the time spent in recording and editing a pre-recorded video. On Facebook Live, all you have to do is tap a button and reach your audience. There is even no waste of time in editing but will give you more effective results than other modes of customer interaction.

How Can You Go Live on Facebook?

Using Facebook Live is one of the easiest things to do. Do you feel like you are a bit technologically challenged? It is not a problem, you can just go live on Facebook with a tap of a button! You can use Facebook Live from both your desktop and mobile. All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account. Select the Page you want to Go Live from.
  2. Select the Go Live option on that page (It is has a small video camera icon beside it)
  3. Facebook will give you a countdown and start streaming your video. You can use various facebook tools like filters, lenses, etc. You can interact with your audiences, ask them questions, read their comments, etc.
  4. After you are done with your Live Stream, all you have to do is click on the “End Video” or ” Finish Video” option.
  5. After ending the video, Facebook with providing you with basic editing options where you can trim your video or use only a certain clip on your video.
  6. After this small editing process, you can share your Live Steam in your news feed to reach more people. And you are all set!

For a more detailed procedure, you can watch the following video – https://youtu.be/fUUIzNJ2BA8

When should Schools Use Facebook Live?

Schools can also use Facebook Live to engage with more audiences. Especially growing and developing schools, can conduct Facebook lives to reach more parents and students and increase their organization’s engagement.

  • Various Social Media Events –

Schools can go live on various social events in with they are conducting some kind of activity on the school premises. For example, Schools can conveniently go live during Independence Day, showcase their flag hoisting or any performance done by the students in tribute to the day, or just show the behind the scene preparation for the event.

  • School’s Internal Activities/Celebration –

You need to make your Facebook Live as personal as possible. Make your audience think they are a part of your life and take them through that journey. Schools can go live on personal occasions like Birthday Celebrations, Student activity sessions, inter or intra-school events, etc. This is one of the main factors that will help your school stand out!

  • Educational Content –

Schools can also create additional content related to education. Like, any faculty from the school can go live with the topic “Tips on how to keep your mind stress-free and calm during examination” or “3 Easy ways to Exel in your Examination”, and more topics like this.

  • Interactive Sessions for Parents –

Schools also have a scope of interacting with parents on various topics like “How to get your child to be more attentive in their studies?” or “How to help your child with stage fright?” Schools can just choose one such topic and go live, and conduct an interactive session with parents. You can also take questions from parents and answer them. Make it as interactive as possible!

  • Current Educational News –

Each and every school should take the opportunity to speak and share their views about any new educational introduction from the government. Schools should make their audiences more aware of any educational laws passed by the government and how they would implement that in their own school!

Importance of Students going Live on Facebook –

Even though any faculty member can go live from the School’s Facebook Page, there are some more benefits if a school student goes live from the school page.

First, if a student goes live from the school’s Facebook page, we can be assured that he/she will be proudly sharing the live video with all his friends. It is no surprise that the student’s parents will be sharing the video with relatives and friends. Thus, this will not only increase your engagement (shares, likes, and comments) but also increase the visibility of your school.

Second, you won’t just be building up your organization’s name through this process but also help in the development of the student. Students will be able to cultivate their 21st Century skills through this. They will obviously try to portray the best version of themselves in these live videos, thus it will help in grooming them. They can get over their public speaking fear and their fear of giving speeches. Students will gain more confidence and develop their personalities with time through this activity. They will also get exposure and get the opportunity to show their talents to the world.

We really hope this article has helped you out! And from the next time you use Facebook Live, you will be more informed about it and can use it with ease!!

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