“A salesman who sells happiness.” – Principal, Fundamental Science School, Bhurkunda

“I am standing on the seashore and playing with pebbles and in front of me lies an ocean of undiscovered truth.” – Sir Isaac NewtonHow wonderfully explained is this line! Many a pebble has already been overturned and an ocean of undiscovered truth truly awaits. Some pebbles have been overturned for the betterment of our lifestyle while some for education. Some may be for this while some maybe for that. But the one truth is, all have been for the betterment of the society, and, well, there lies the problem. Everyone is just bothered about one section of the “society” and i.e. towards the urban section of our country. Most people are hardly bothered about the rural section. And, I believe, this is what separates VAWSUM from the rest.It all started on the 24th of February, 2014. A skinny boy with a big mustache comes into my office. He called himself a salesman who sells happiness. Just tell me one thing, can you buy happiness? Certainly No! Well, this line of his actually made me eager to know what he wanted to sell. He doesn’t give an introduction about himself. With a heavy yet confident tone, he started “You are important and we in VAWSUM help you understand how important you are. VAWSUM is a parent-teacher engagement application.” There was something in his voice that made me fall for his product. Well, it was not his product anymore. On the very first day, it became my product. Meeting the product was like meeting that thing that was needed for my school to function properly.Fundamental Science School was never deemed as “important” as it is a school established in the outskirts of Bhurkunda. With different features, VAWSUM was like the medicine that the doctor had prescribed. VAWSUM brought with it the wind of digitalization, the wind that we longed for.Using VAWSUM, we could call ourselves digital. We could then walk toe to toe with the digital world. Our teachers and students could easily be connected to the digital front. The Homework module helped parents to be regularly updated with the homework of the child. The revolution had been the Attendance module as using this, there had been a huge decrease in the rate of absenteeism of every student. Both of these modules have indeed increased the work ethic of every student.The number of applicant for admission has increased at a very high rate. VAWSUM has indeed been a blessing in helping us with the Branding of our institute. All in all, VAWSUM has been the magical spell that the God Almighty has cast on our school. It has been four years since that skinny salesman had stepped in and, trust me, things have indeed changed ever since then. He has indeed kept his word. Happiness has enveloped Fundamental Science School ever since then.

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