Nitty Gritty Moments of a kid

Dealing with the naughty behavior of a kid depends on the relationship between the kid and the Parents.. You’ll find this varies a lot culturally, and what happens and works/doesn’t work in some cultures will be different from others. In most English-speaking countries pupils who exhibit particularly naughty behavior are usually shipped up the chain of command, with advice-principal/headteacher/assistant headmaster dealing with the case. In some schools, they may also be referred to school counsellors. In many Asian countries, homeroom teachers are generally the ones who deal with students who have attitude problems and exhibit consistently naughty behavior.

So, as a classroom teacher, you have to bear in mind that how things work practically may vary a lot if you’re posing this question to people from around the world. In schools where only one teacher is allotted in each class,  it is not possible for that particular teacher to manage the whole class and correct each student when their doings are wrong. Some nitty and gritty activities which the child does are very much amusing to see as there is innocence filled in it. These GOLDEN MOMENTS parents miss while they are at the office or at home. To reduce this barrier our dedicated application VAWSUM is a very unique and one of a kind product. Our application’s sole purpose is to deal with parent-teacher engagement. The benefits of such a product are unimaginable.

Listed down are some of the major functionalities offered by VAWSUM:-

  • Taking Attendance
  • Creating Diaries so that schools go paperless
  • Daily Sheets’/Reports’ of the child
  • Email without sharing personal Id’s
  • Text Messages
  • Examination Module
  • Classroom learning activities sent to parents instantly through pictures by Vawsum
  • The child’s accomplishments notified to parents by Vawsum
  • Helps in giving Real-Time Instant Notification
  • Activities like Events and Announcements by promulgating it

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