Release Notes for Vawsum Web Version & Admin Panel Version – 2.1

  1. Upload Marks: Teachers can now easily upload marks for exams with the help of Vawsum web login.

2. Restrict Feed View Privileges: Admin can now restrict feed view privileges for individual students.

3. Upload Attendance: Teachers can capture the attendance and then upload the same through the Vawsum web login.

4. Live Class Attendance Reports: Now Teachers can view and edit the Live Class Attendance Reports through Vawsum Web.

5. Alumni: Admin can now map pass out/discontinued students to the alumni section and can also generate alumni reports for students as and when required.

6. Online Class Attendance Reports: Teachers can generate Online Class Attendance Reports for any desired date range.

7. Student Level Entry Report in Examination: Reports showcasing the entry and exit timings of the students in an examination can now be generated from the admin panel.

8. Extract and Print Old Feeds: Using Vawsum Web Login, Admin or Teachers can now extract and print Old Feeds for desired Teachers and Date range.

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