Release Notes for Vawsum Web Version & Admin Panel Version – 2.2

  1. Edit Payable Fees: How Cashier can Edit Payable Fees Amount from Payment Capture Page.

2. Change Status of Cleared Cheque: How to change the Status of Cheque Payments to Cleared.

3. Download Marksheet: How to Download Marksheet.

4. Print Basic Test: How to Print basic test.

5. Tabulation Reports: How to Check Tabulation reports.

6. Upload Marks: How to Upload marks using Web Login.

7. Publish Marks: How to Publish marks.

8. Borrow Diary Mapping: How to Borrow the Diary mapping of students from an old Diary.

9. Conduct Exam for Standard Diary: How to conduct examination for a Standard Diary.

10. Conduct Exam for Custom Diary: How to conduct examination for a Custom Diary.

11. Conduct Exam for a Class and Section: How to conduct examination for a Class-Section.

12. Compose Message Enhancements: Complete Message not visible in inbox from Web Login.

13. Link Posts Can be Scheduled: Schedule link.

14. Panel to Monitor Scheduled Posts: Panel for Scheduled Posts introduced.

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