Ensuring that every child feels a sense of security and belonging to the school enables each child to accept and participate actively in transforming situations that are part of learning experiences.” – Loris MalaguzziSchool security has been the highest area of concern for teachers, administrators and political leaders for a very long time. There had been a considerable rise in the violence in recent decades. It has been a complete necessity for the educational institution to adopt new methods to foster student security. Bullying, illegal activities, large-scale violence, and lockdowns – had been some of the major areas of concern when it comes to the security of the student in schools and schools have, indeed, come up with methods in order to combat each of these security concerns. But now, with the increase in traffic and rash driving, another area of concern for the management of the educational institution is the school bus.VAWSUM has brought the perfect solution to this concern. Schools can now keep a complete track of all the buses with the help of this app without having to bother the bus driver. The institutional management gets real-time updates about over-speeding, and the route deviations can be monitored as well. All these features ensure that the child is highly secure. Therefore, schools need not worry any longer about the security of the child, as long as the school bus is concerned. Many schools have ensured the security of the students using this app. If you too want a consistent rise in the security of the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution. Kindly visit our website,, for more information.

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