Technology Driven Parent-School Communication is Making Children Smarter

Working parents are busy but that doesn’t mean they are not interested in keeping up with their children’s growth and progress. Who wants to miss their child’s first poetry recital or first 100-meter race win? But more than 90% of these growth or competitive activities happen in school. And parents cannot be practically present on those occasions, especially if both of them have jobs. A report by revealed that Asian Americans, who are only 4% of the US population, have a higher percentage of student bodies in top universities. The results were quite decisive –

  • 24% at Stanford
  • 18% at Harvard
  • 25% at Columbia and Cornell.

One of the reasons why these students outperformed other Americans was simply because parents participated in their school activities and rewarded their school performances. This means that the more parents are connected regularly with their children’s schools, the more likely their children are to succeed in life. A US Census report once stated that 6 out of 10 children participated in extracurricular activities and this number could increase, had the parents were more involved in the school. Working parents have all the more reason to communicate regularly with teachers and school because they are often not present at home when the children return from school. They need to be aware of the children’s absences, behavior in school, homework, and various school activities. A 2014 study titled “The underutilized potential of teacher-to-parent communication” stated that –Students whose parents received some form of the message from their teacher were 6.5 percentage points more likely to earn course credits for the classes they were enrolled in, compared to the control group. Schools too need to communicate important messages to parents both in regular routines and in special circumstances. The most practical way to bridge the communication gap between parents and school is through an on-the-go mobile application such as Vawsum. Schools can send photos and videos of their children’s activities such as dance, singing, sports, excursions along with daily updates of attendance, daily sheets, or feedback from teachers. Imagine a world where we would have almost all of our children truly following their dreams and pursuing their vocations, simply because some schools went the extra mile and ensured a smooth communication with parents.

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