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Today, we live in a digital world, in which ‘Facebook’ is the third largest community. The advancement of technology has broken down all barriers and has made the world a better place to live in. A bomb blast in California brings tears to the eyes of a person living in the villages of Myanmar; when some tribal girl from a remote village in Rajasthan cracks the Indian Administrative Exam, a person from New York becomes proud of her success; a step on the moon brings joy to the whole earth even though the moon is 384 thousand kilometres away from the earth; this is all because of the improvement in telecommunication.

Telecommunication has indeed transformed this world into a global village. With just one click of the button, we get information about the remotest place on earth. That is the power of telecommunication in our lives. Technology has had an impact on each and every sphere of our lives. From buying books to booking tickets, from banking to shopping – “online” market has taken its toll on everything.Technology has had its say in every aspect of our lives, but the most unique impact has been in the educational sector. The infusion of technology has not only helped in the advancement of education at an exponential rate but is also helping in bridging the gap between the parent, teacher and school authorities when it comes to school.

Schools have taken a stride toward digitization in order to save time, resources and energy. Payment of school bills, tracking of the school bus, official works and studies – there are different apps helping us in different sections. But then again the problem remains, which app should one go for?VAWSUM decided to answer this question. In order to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and school administration, VAWSUM has brought with it features that will help parents track their child’s attendance, the child’s test scores, the child’s progress in a particular subject, the location of the child’s school bus, payment of the child’s fees and much more, all under ONE platform. V

AWSUM helps teachers communicate better with the parents. Using VAWSUM, the teachers can take the attendance, maintain the contact details of the students and their parents, make important announcements, create events (parents can give feedback in this regard), make a poll (this helps when you want to go for excursions or picnics), send personal messages to the parents (this helps when a teacher has to inform a parent regarding a child on regular basis), upload YouTube links, picture and videos, and much more, all under THE SAME platform. And for the school, it helps during admission, helps during placement drive and when there is a strong bond between the teacher and the parent, it is bound to help in boosting the reputation of the school. All this, and much more, makes VAWSUM the most loved app of the modern times, as evidenced by its successful partnership with more than 1000 schools across India. The gist of the testimonials from the users is, “Wow, some app it is.”For more information regarding our app, please visit our official website, www.vawsum.com

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