Parent – School relation just became awesome, with VAWSUM

Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before- if we will allow it” – Jenny Arledge Over the past few decades, giant strides had been taken in the technological front. But the greatest achievement that had taken place is the influence of technology on education. The first time that technology was used for education was in the mid-1600s. But a lot has changed since then. By the early 1980s when IBM created the first PC, many schools had computers in use. When you look back at the chronicle of the history of technology in education, you will be able to see that technology has brought vast improvements in the teaching and availability of classroom equipment that empowers teachers and enhances student learning. Introduction of Mobile App in education has been a success as it has not only helped in the betterment of the student-school relationship but has also boosted the parent-school relationship. Parents need not worry anymore about the whereabouts of their ward. “Just a click”-that is all that’s needed. And, if that one click is for VAWSUM, then the relationship is assured to be awesome. With VAWSUM:

  1. Payment of fees has become easier

Gone are the days when one had to go to school, stand in big queues, wait for hours, write so much of information and finally, getting the chance to pay the school fees. Now, we can do all these with just a click of a button. And that’s not all. In VAWSUM, your personal information is never shared with anyone. We use 256-bit encryption for your data protection, the same security that is used by banks.

  1. Get regular updates about all the school activities

Staying in touch with your wards whereabout in school has never been this easy. Regular homework, regular attendance, regular list of events, announcements, pictures, videos, and all would be updated on a regular basis. All in all, VAWSUM app makes sure that every parent is in touch with their wards day today hereabouts.

  1. You can now track the school bus as well

Yes, you heard it correctly. One can now easily get the real-time locations of the school bus of your ward. So, VAWSUM is the app you would want to use because we assure you the complete security of your child. And this in a way boosts the parent-school relationship, as both, the school bus and the student, would be on time.

  1. Teachers and parent can interact via a personal message over this app

VAWSUM helps any teacher/parent have an interaction with any parent/teacher, without having to share any personal details. So, this boosts the teacher-parent relationship. In a world, where people have everything but time, this would act as the perfect bridge between the teacher and the parent. For more information, kindly check our official website,

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